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Bond Program Management Services

Here at Bond Program Managment Services, we always put our client's needs first. We will come together with your district to figure out the program management needs for your specific district, deeply evaluating the district's infrastructure, operations, teaching style, student population, and maintenace programs. Working side by side with project architects and engineers, we heavily encourage the designers and engineers on your project to think outside the box, giving our clients a one of a kind product that they never dreamed of being able to afford with their bond dollars. With experts on our team in architecture, commercial HVAC and electrical fields, we guarantee that your building will meet your requirements, and be designed to be as efficient as possible in regards to costs. BPMS will never value-engineer a building, as we believe there is no such thing. BPMS will work tirelessly to get the entire scope of your project in budget and completed on time, all at no additional expense or sacrifice to the district. Our business is all about putting dollars back in the district's pockets to help improve the children's education.

icon Financial Management

At BPMS we understand the largest investment that a community makes is for their schools. BPMS provides bond financial and advisory services through cutting-edge strategies and practical core values that allows school district to get more, with less. Our mission is to remain completely transparent all while providing the District with sound financial strategies to align and create logical synergies throughout the project programming and development phases.

icon Design Management

At BPMS we help communities form together to support our kids to ensure they are provided with the right tools to learn and excel to the next level of knowledge. We strive to keep the design energy flowing from the start of facilities planning to the end of construction. Using our experiences as designers and contractors we approach each design process with a very hands on manner. We define and develop all of the District’s goals as a guide for each team member and then we lead each design delivery process personally throughout all phases of approvals to provide unified solutions that exceed District expectations.

icon Construction Management

Modernizing existing facilities or constructing new schools can create a complex and fast pace environment. BPMS provides a hands-on approach to managing the construction phase of all school bond projects, from inception to completion. We take Scope, Schedule and Budget to the next level of management innovation. Our approach is to have quality personnel on site ready to evaluate on ongoing construction, checking quality, ensuring the building conforms to the specs and drawings, and watching out for deficiencies that may go unnoticed by the architect or contractor. We utilize cutting edge drone technology as well as deploy customized program reviews and resources to meet the demands of each project site.



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  • BPMS is Collaboration Focused
    Posted by : Cameron

    Collaborative learning is a method of teaching and learning in which students team together to explore a significant question or create a meaningful project. Collaborative learning makes students with different backgrounds, race, or up bringing, to work together. They come together in a setting that maybe would not be possible if it were not for collaborative learning. In order to solve a project’s given problem, children need to communicate. They are able to hear different opinions and learn more about different cultures. The collaborative learning methodology is ideal for children that have difficulties in a social setting. Generally, students have different skills, passions, and knowledge. In a small collaborative group, when a question is raised, different students can have different answers and children can learn new things from one another, but also understand different perspectives. In order to achieve a goal, students need to work together. They can work together without trusting each other, but for an effective collaboration and to reach a common goal, they need to learn to trust each other. In a small group setting, each student has the opportunity to express her or his ideas. Being able to do so, and being heard can give the feeling of importance and value. The learning experience becomes more fun, and students are eager to learn more. BPMS will work with districts, thinking outside of the box, that want to make the change to a collaboration focused learning area that enhances the kids learning experience.

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  • Huffman ISD Superintendant's Experience with BPMS
    Posted by : Benny Soileau

    "Tom Trial and his BPMS team bring multiple facets to the arduous process of passing and executing a bond program. Frequently Independent School Districts need a competent and capable advocate who has the expertise to recognize pitfalls on their behalf. As educators we are not trained to identify issues in the journey of managing multi-million dollar building projects. The journey can be even more challenging for mid and small size districts. While architectural firms may promise such services, BPMS walks alongside the client to protect them from budget overruns and critical errors in the building process which can be catastrophic for taxpayers and districts. Ultimately, as a superintendent we like to tell our stakeholders we are on time and under budget after building everything that was promised. BPMS is the team which will deliver such a service."

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  • Huffman Ag Barn Extension
    Posted by : Cameron

    Huffman ISD needed an extension on their existing Ag barn to support the growth and development that the district has had in the past few years. When BPMS started with Huffman ISD, their yearly Ag Show was only 6 months away, and no design or construction had began. BPMS came in and had their Ag canopy extension designed & built, all being completed before the yearly ag show. By completing this in such a short amount of time, BPMS saved Huffman ISD thousands of dollars by enabling the district to have the show in house, showcasing their beautiful new building.

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  • Designing to Encompass Nature
    Posted by : Cameron

    Huffman ISD's new Elementary campus was designed with nature in mind. Normally when a new school is constructed, the contractor comes in and removes nearly every tree on the site, then replants trees when they are done. BPMS had a vision of an Elementary site nestled in the forest to give students an immersive learning experience which brought them closer to nature. Instead of coming in and clearing out the trees, BPMS suggested we place the school in the towards the of the site, trying to retain as much greenery as possible. We proposed that the road coming into the school meanders through the woods, going around a pretty pond the acts as detention, finally arriving to the beautiful school nestled in the brush. Trails will be cut through the woods leading to the pond for teachers to be able to have classes in a wooded setting, or on the dock at the pond to give a fully encompassed learning environment.

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BPMS understands the importance of providing superior service and loyalty to customers. They will undoubtedly provide quality educational facilities for the best value possible. They are an absolute pleasure to work alongside in the planning and building process.